Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sticky Hugs and Kisses

There is very little I love more than when a toddler comes up and wants a hug and lays a big sticky kiss on your cheek.
Today I got to visit some of the kids I looked after before I moved. First was a visit to "Gooberoo". She was sleeping when I got there and woken up by her cousin so she was a big crank at first, laying an epic tackle on her cousin (about the same age) who dared to touch one of her toys. Once she calmed down she seemed happy to see me, even cuddling up on my lap to watch Tinkerbell while her cousin played.
Then we had some supper and I headed out to visit "Curly" and "Moe" but not before getting big hugs and sticky kisses from Goober and her cousin.
Curly and Moe seemed excited to see me and I got a whole bunch of (slightly less sticky) hugs and kisses before they went off to bed and I had a nice chat with their mom.

I miss all the kids I worked with but I miss these three the most. With their cuddles and the sticky kisses and hugs.

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